*Greedy and well-made champagnes

A Family Story

Estelle, Jean-Bernard and their son, Julien, fond of good food, passionate about their terroir, both technicians and creative, present a range of champagnes as a gourmet House would do.

Even if Estelle wears the apron in the kitchen, Jean- Bernard and Julien also wear it in the “lab”, a place where rigour and precision are required along with pleasure and greed.

They imagine their champagnes as chefs imagine their dishes: “Brut-style”, “Solera-style” are valuable hints to understand how each of their cuvées is made.

The Chefs


Jean-Bernard is a demanding and frank person, he runs the estate towards excellence. He comes from the industrial design sector and combines his character and his creativity to draw and stage the House’s projects. Close to nature that he likes to contemplate, he knows very well each plot that composes his terroir. He draws his raw material from it to create his cuvées and brings his secret “touch”.


Estelle likes the work value: organisation and rigour are words that characterise her. She is helpful and being at the service of her close relatives and her clients makes her happy. Skilled cook, she excels in making sweet and savoury dishes, as cooking is a perfect combination of her wish to work while taking care of people.


Julien is determined and is always looking for a way to improve and make the process easier. Armed with professional experiences in different French vineyards, in which he has taken part throughout the years in many experiences (red wines, ovoid vats, beer...), he is pursuing his passion for the wine making process in the family estate. Curious and dynamic, he is also passionate about cooking, nature and snorkelling...